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Can anyone who is medically certified give me correct information on healthy weight-gain during pregnancy?

jmstreng asked: I am writing my final story for my college career and I really need to quote someone on healthy/ un-healthy nutrition and weight-gain during a pregnancy.

Is everyone going to gain the same amount?

Should I personally feel bad about having gained 80 lbs? (I’ve only got 8 left to lose in under 1 yr after pregnancy)

What’s the right/wrong answer? Is there one?

I went through a pregnancy and gained nearly 80 pounds - oops! I am looking for someone who wouldn’t mind being quoted in a story that I’m writing for class at The University of Mississippi in Oxford, Miss. I tried contacting my local nurses, but they’re quite difficult to get in touch with! I’d truly appreciate any help I could get. It would be great if we could email back and forth also! I can get all the info I need via the internet, so I’m mainly looking for a specific quote from someone with a medical background.

If you were a journalism major, you would realize that getting someone to quote is a necessary evil, and it’s not cheating. As aforementioned, I have done the research, I need a quote. I need voices. Thanks for no help, Beck.Glen

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